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Beauty By DL

Bringing you the latest in beauty supplements, formulated with innovative ingredients and backed by clinical science -- There's Science in Beauty™ is our philosophy behind every Beauty By DL product. Our full range of beauty supplements can help clarify skin, fortify hair and strengthen nails from within. As a globally recognized leader in the development of high-quality innovative nutritional supplements for the last 65 years, we at Douglas Laboratories, makers of the Beauty By DL line, are committed to staying at the forefront of innovative research and clinical science for our entire supplement line.

Shelena Lalji, M.D.+

Known as “Dr. Shel,” Shelena Lalji is the founder and medical director of the Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center in Sugar Land, Texas. Dr. Shel is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. She is a national trainer and an international speaker on several integrative/functional medicine topics and on advanced aesthetic treatments. Dr. Shel is a published author and an advocate for her patients and her local community, as well as a firm believer in addressing the root causes of her patients’ health and well-being.

+Dr. Lalji is a retained consultant for Douglas Laboratories.

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  1. 202603-90X | Beauty Essentials
    Beauty Essentials
    Daily multivitamin enhanced with polyphenols
  2. 202565-60X | Hair Growth+
    Hair Growth+
    Promotes thickness and reduces loss
  3. 57756P-140X | Hydrolyzed Collagen+
    Hydrolyzed Collagen+
    Revitalizes for glowing, youthful skin
  4. 202576-60X | Omega Beauty
    Omega Beauty
    Hydrates and nourishes hair, nails and skin
  5. 202564-60X | Skin Clarify
    Skin Clarify
    Antioxidants for a healthy complexion
  6. 202269-30X | Skin Nourish
    Skin Nourish
    Supports radiance, moisture & elasticity
  7. 202566-30X | Skin Probiotic+
    Skin Probiotic+
    Protects and hydrates skin and scalp
  8. 201345-90X | Ultra HNS
    Ultra HNS
    Strengthens hair, nails & skin
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Showing 8 Items